The Most Comprehensive Youth Financial Education Guide on the Market!

CU 4 Reality™ begins with a classroom curriculum guide, developed by educators for educators. The CU 4 Reality™ program refers to two sets of Standards, the Jump$tart Coalition’s National Standards in Personal Finance Education, the nation’s leading clearing house of financial literacy data for youth, and each of the individual states’ Standards.  The curriculum can be seamlessly integrated into an existing classroom curriculum.

After completing the curriculum, students participate in the CU 4 Reality Fair, a fun and exciting simulation of spending and budgeting based on career choices and lifestyle decisions.

CU 4 Reality Program is tailored to any age or school level and takes hands-on approach with practical application of budgeting. Credit Unions forge relationships with schools and community businesses to make the program affordable.

The CU 4 Reality guide provides all the tools for your credit union volunteers to show students, on the spot, how they can successfully manage their finances!

What You'll Receive

The CU 4 Reality program is delivered via a two-part program.  You will receive a kit including two binders, one with a curriculum containing the text for lesson plans and one with materials to successfully deliver a CU 4 Reality™ Financial Literacy Fair including both text and 3 support discs. 

Each kits includes:

  • Tailored curriculum for elementary, middle or high school students for seamless integration into lesson plans
  • A step-by-step facilitator's guide to help you organize and deliver a CU 4 Reality™ Financial Literacy Fair
  • Ready to print or customize templates for CU 4 Reality™ Financial Literacy Fair booths
  • Support templates to further enhance the fair experience
  • Ready to print or email participation documents for students, parents, and merchants
  • Training guides for merchants and fair volunteers
  • Evaluation forms
  • Telephone support from credit union professionals who have successfully run the program