Located in Manchester, New Hampshire on the site where America's first credit union opened its doors in 1908, America's Credit Union Museum is an exciting and dynamic organization that is no mere repository of documents and artifacts. In addition to celebrating the remarkable efforts of the people who built the credit union movement over the past 100 years, it plays a leading role in documenting today's achievements while helping to prepare credit unions for upcoming challenges.

True to its heritage and the vision put forward in its original mission statement, the museum has become a first-class facility which provides visitors with an exciting and intriguing multi-dimensional experience. The museum's carefully laid out floor plan and dynamic exhibits reveal the creativity and professionalism that guided its development from start to finish.

America's Credit Union Museum fills a role no other credit union organization or affiliate does. It is where the history of the credit union movement lives on. It is the only institution that collects, archives, preserves and displays evidence of the credit union roots. It cares for and makes accessible to this generation and all generations to come, real examples of values, philosophy, struggles and successes of credit unions.

The museum is not only home to our remarkable ancestral artifacts, it is a distinctive tribute to the founders and leaders-their vision, their commitment and determination, their sacrifice and special triumphs. All of these made it possible for credit unions to be the viable and progressive movement we are today.

The museum helps impart wisdom to future generations into whose hands we trust this great credit union movement. It acquires and maintains memorabilia of what is of great and lasting importance and interest to credit unions. It continually looks to enhance and add to the archives that benchmark the progressions of the credit union movement from its earliest beginnings through the present. America's Credit Union Museum embodies the philosophy that "it is through knowing where we have been that we know who we are and where we are headed."

Only in the museum is there an incomparable collection of items, materials, and media, chronicling the significant people, events, records and milestones that form and document the basis of what credit unions are and what they do.

Ultimately, America's Credit Union Museum is a cooperative resource that celebrates the credit union movement past, present and future. It embraces and strives to demonstrate cooperation, caring and imagination, the characteristics that have made credit unions such a vitally important part of American life today.