Credit Unions Share a Powerful History...

The credit union movement is built on a deep foundation of values and principles.  For more than 100 years, credit unions have helped ordinary people overcome extraordinary struggles for a better life.

And an Important Future.

As not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions, credit unions continue to have a unique and essential role in making the American Dream attainable.  Understanding how credit unions began and the challenges they've overcome is essential to the success of our industry's current and future advocacy efforts.


Experience the Power of
America's Credit Union Museum

When you visit America's Credit Union Museum in Manchester, NH, you can feel the energy and passion that makes the credit union movement so powerful.

Housed in the building where our country's first credit union was born, America's Credit Union Museum offers a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that brings to life a vision as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.

The Museum is more than a collection of artifacts and documents.  It's the soul of an unwavering national movement of people helping people.

America's Credit Union Museum honors our shared history, documents today's achievements, helps credit unions prepare for tomorrow's challenges, and inspires our industry's collective future.

"Credit unions have a long, proud purposeful history.  We need to capture that so future generations of leaders understand that there is a sense of history here--that there is a purpose.  I really want to encourage everybody to embrace this museum.  Make it yours, support it.  Use it."  - Dick Ensweiler, CEO, Cornerstone Credit Union League

Keep the Movement Alive

The credit union movement continues to grow and succeed thanks to the vision and commitment of its leaders. America's Credit Union Museum preserves their legacies and inspires each new generation of credit union leaders to reach further.

America's Credit Union Museum needs your help to ensure our movement's founding principles share and inspire the next generation of credit union leaders and continue to differentiate us to our legislators in Washington and in state capitals.