The Award Winning Financial Education Program that turns learning into reality.

Spending money has never been easier than it is for today's youth.

More credit is being extended to this segment at a younger and younger age. Yet, far too few students learn life skills that will ultimately lead to their personal financial success. Especially during these challenging economic times, it's even more important to educate our youth about their finances.

A coalition of credit unions, through America's Credit Union Museum's Financial Literacy Education Committee, has designed the first-ever, hands-on, comprehensive training package, CU 4 Reality,™ centered on the dynamic interaction between students, educators, parents, credit unions and business volunteers.  Aligned with state and Jump$tart Coalition’s National Standards in Personal Finance Education, the CU 4 Reality™ program turns learning into reality.


An Award winning program with real impact

Winner of  NCUF 2016 Herb Wegner Award for Outstanding Program

Over 70,000

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We love this program and feel as though it is a great asset to the students and community as it presents a ‘real life’ scenario for students to consider as they prepare for financial life after high school. It aligns perfectly with our purpose statement of providing financial education to our community to ensure financial success for members and future members.
— Autumn Blankenship, Marketing Manager at My Community Federal Credit Union

2018 CU 4 Reality Fairs Sponsored by

New Hampshire Credit Unions

Date                         School/Organization                                      Sponsoring Credit Union

January 23, 2018     Timberlane Regional Middle School               Service Credit Union

February 23, 2018   Keene Middle School                                      Service Credit Union

March 14, 2018       Bedford & Monadnock High Schools             Service Credit Union

April 16, 2018         Londonderry Middle School                Service Credit Union & St. Mary's Bank

April 19, 2018         Gorham/Berlin Middle Schools               Service & Northeast Credit Unions

May 16, 2018          Boynton/Bristol Middle Schools                       Service Credit Union

May 17, 2018         Woodbury Salem Middle School                       Service Credit Union

May 22, 2018         Mega Fair @ Pinkerton                         Service Credit Union & St. Mary's Bank

May 30, 2018         Timberlane Regional Middle School                 Service Credit Union

June 7, 2018           Hampton Academy Middle School                   Service Credit Union

June 8, 2018           Portsmouth Middle School                               Service Credit Union

May 10 & 11, 2018  Mega Fair @ NHTI                                       NH Federal Credit Union